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So I have had 18 radiation treatments to my esophagus with 12 more to go as well as 33 to my neck with 6 carboplatin treatments. One of many problems is a persistant cough, it feels like a dry spot in my trought. Any stories or sugestions.



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    You have been on my mind.
    You have been on my mind. Thank you for posting. I was wondering how you have been doing with your treatments. I know you and my hubby are going through it at the same time...he has had some pretty big bumps. Sorry about your cough...I'm sure someone can help you with that...Lyle doesn't have that issue.

    Take care,
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    Your Cough
    Hi Brad,
    Welcome and I am too sorry about that annoying dry cough. I was thinking...maybe since it is the spring, and there is a whole lot of pollen you think it could be being caused by allergies? An antihistimine will work, as well as some cough medicine. Just a thought. Hope it helps and the dust in your throat clears soon.