The Reading Room: Avoiding Surprise Bills With Homework and Negotiation

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This article appeared in the NY Times on April 30, 2010. It includes some good background information on "Balance Billing" and gives advice on how to avoid or handle extra medical charges when you have to or choose to go outside of your medical network.

Link: NY Times-Avoiding Surprise Bills With Homework and Negotiation



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    Pay close attention to your bills
    I got what looked identical to an invoice, showing a balance that had not been paid by my insurance to an in-network provider.

    It came with a payment envelope, and all indications that I owed the $565. When I challenged it, I was informed that what I received was not an invoice, just a notification that showed the difference between the insurance payment and the original charges.

    I know invoices and I know insurance. This looked like an invoice to me. I filed a formal complaint with the insurer, who investigated. It looks like it was an attempt to get me to pay the difference between the insured agreed upon rate and what the provider wanted.

    Keep your eyes open!