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Hi Everyone,

**** just returned from California where he met with Dr. Lenz and the surgeon at USC, Dr. Genyk. As many of you know, **** was diagnosed with cc stage 3c in January 2009. He had surgery and then 12 rounds of Folfox 6 and still a lymph node lit up. Then, 12 rounds of Folfori + Avastin and the lymph node, though reduced in size, still lights up on a PET.

The plan is to go in and remove the lymph node, which is a harder surgery than we thought and then put some markers in in case radiation was needed and then follow with 3 months of erbitux. USC does not do HIPEC. They are planning to open **** all the way up. My thinking is maybe he should go to a hospital that would be ready to do HIPEC is they opened him up and there was cancer in his peritineum (spelling?) Does cancer that is in the abdominal cavity show on a PET? I feel like I have read about quite a few folks who went in for surgery and more cancer was found that the PET showed.
Also, Lisa I know there is a doc in San Diego (Lowey maybe) who does HIPEC. What about him?

Lastly for all you southern California folks why don't I hear people talking about City of Hope in Duarte?

Advice? Stories? Encouragement :)




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    Dictated from Crow71
    hi Kathleen- I am sitting here in the hospital with Roger and read him your post. He dictated the following- good luck to you!!

    Sounds like you have a pretty good plan, but you are wise to ask a lot of questions now rather than later. WHat makes you think that **** has disease in his peritoneum? Peritoneal disease does not show up on pet scans unless it is a huge volume, same with ct scans. The only reason I knew I had peritoneal disease was when my surgeon did the colostomy back in August he looked around with a camera and found several mets. The mets confirmed suspicions from the ct and mri, but the scans themsleves were inconclusive in isolation. Prior to having cytoreductive/HIPEC, my surgeon did a laproscopic procedure in which he closely examined as much of my peritoneum and liver as he could in order to reduce the chance of suprises during surgery. This procedure was also after a new Pet and MRI. We had been advocating for doing that procedure since surgery became an option in Feb.
    If you do think that there is more disease than this one that lights on pet than you should definitely look into HIPEC. I would definitiely ask about having a laproscopic look see prior to surgery. And the more that they are ready and capable of dealing with, the better. Winston Salem and Wake Forest is only 5 more hours by plane. Come and see us and I will introduce you to Dr. Shen!
    You wouldn't be the first patient that flew more than 24 hours to get to him.

    Peace, SParks, and Love,
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    Kathleen and ****:
    Although we have no experience with what you are talking about, it sounds like you are on the attack for the best possible place and surgeon for ****.

    I really like Kim and Roger's approach to go in and have a look before surgery so there are no surprises. That really sounds solid to me and I would ask about doing that if it were George.

    Although I have nothing to offer other than encouragement I wanted to let you know that I think of you often in your fight against this monster and admire your approach and research to do everything possible.

    Hugs Tina
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    I was wondering if anyone can share if HIPEC surgery has a more painful recovery than an intestinal resection? I've had a resection due to Colon cancer... 4 surgeries and 3 cycles of chemotherapy later, in facing the HIPEC. I go in on the 11th of January and am just a LITTLE nervous. Also I am one of those who lost all hair from the 5fu treatments... Will I lose my hair from the HIPEC? Oxcaliplatin and zeloda did not make me lose any hair.

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    Welcome to the forum, Bonnie Dewey

    I see you have posted several times today, and I am very happy that you are reaching out for answers as you face this latest challenge in your life. 

    This is a very old post, and sadly Kathleen's husband, ****, has passed to the great unknown (or known, depending on your faith).  KRF hasn't been on the forum since 2015 and may also have passed. 

    May I suggest you post a brand new thread, and we can answer your questions there. Here is the link to the forum home page. Just click on this link

    If you have probelms, just let us know here or in a private message, and we can help you out. 

    I really am sorry your facing HIPEC. I have not had it done myself, but have heard that it is quite a rough procedure.  

    Looking forward to seeing your post on the home page. 

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    Tru      -        abrub has started a thread just for you. Here is the link