Kidney tube

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My oncologist is recommending that I have a tube inserted in my kidney to help it drain and help keep it functioning during chemo.
Does anyone have any information on what life is like after this procedure? I am a 59 yo female. The tube (I can't spell its official name)
will also help lessen the kidney damage that cysplatin apparently causes. My right kidney is currently blocked, so they are using carboplatin, but the second opinion oncologist thinks we should be more aggressive. I'm looking for solid info, please don't scare me more than I already am!! thanks


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    kidney tube
    Hi I just read your note. I have a tube in my kidney because my ureter is blocked. It goes through my stoma down the ureter into the kidney. I have it changed every 6 weeks. It is not a problem and it keeps my kidney working. I hope you are doing ok. Good luck.