Doctors are smiling

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I got the best news I could of received.....NO CANCER! The Gyne/Onc walked into the waiting room with the biggest smile on his face (according to my husband) and said "I have good for you". My Gyne of over 30 years came to my room later the next day and said "I thought I would never be having this conversation with you, I am so happy for you".

I returned home yesterday after a few complications but nothing that cant be overcome. Quite frankly it is hard for me to write this knowing all of you ladies are in the fight of your lives. I have a healthy respect for your feelings and trials as I lost a very close friend who passed to brain cancer and watched her go through her emotions and health issues everyday..boy did she love her foot massages :).

I can say this I will be here fighting with you all on the side lines and my 1st calling is to change our "pink" day at our local high school to TEAL DAY....I will be a voice of awareness.

I will pray for all your health.. and strength to get through thoes really tough days..
THANK YOU to all you messages, thoughts information and guidence..


  • kayandok
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    And I hope you continue to dance with NED forever!!
  • BonnieR
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    This is wonderful news ~ congratulations! Hugs bonnie
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    Great news
    Congratulations! A teal day would be great too.
  • Tina Brown
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    Great news
    I am so pleased for you. Live your live to the full

    Tina xxxx