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I am the carer for my husband, Redden Crisp. He is a kidney cancer survivor, Stage IV grade 3. He had a nephrectomy in 2004. He was clear until Nov 2009 when the rcc met to his lungs. 1 spot on each lung. He was lucky in that he was able to have surgery to remove the 2 spots. Currently no evidence of cancer. He just had his 3 month post surgery scan that was all clear.

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    That is encouraging news! I'm so scared of this cancer taking over my body. Had right nephrectomy in 2006 and cryoablation of cancer on left kidney this April. Have spot on liver and lung but so far they haven't changed so they said not to worry, yeah right! Don't worry! It is so good your husband is doing well and it helps to see how others are doing. Thanks
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    Bad news/good news
    Bad news that it metastasized to his lung but good news that they found it early and could remove it. I had a similar experience - had a radical nephrectomy in 2001 - in 2006 (just shy of my 5 year 'all clear') it metastasized to one lung. They were able to remove just a portion of my lung. I've been clear since. My oncologist said that when there is long time between discovery/metastasis, the patient does better than usual. So I continue to cling to this and continue with CT scans and blood work. God bless you both! Hopefully this will be the last of it but as I said - continue with close followup as that's the key!