Hey, Craig it's Wednesday

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And you haven't posted about the onc. visit you were to have on Tuesday. Hoping and praying that he/she had nothing bad to say. Don't try to slip thru our cracks cause we are on to you. Post away, dear friend! We care about you and are here for you. If you don't want to share details-tell me to go away and I will. I respect you and will do that if you tell me to do so.


  • geotina
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    Sandy is right
    You can't slip through the cracks with us, we are on to you......any news you want to share?

  • Sundanceh
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    Tough Crowd, LOL:)
    Sandy - I could never tell you to go away - I could never do that to someone who cared about me so much:)

    Boy, I can't get anything past you ladies now - you know all of my tricks, LOL:)

    You too, Tina - I gotta' get up earlier and earlier to hang with you guys.

    Actually, I was working on the update and was just about to post - when I saw this post you had opened.

    What would I do without you ladies in my life? I don't think I want to ever think about that.

    Thanks for asking - you even had the calendar marked, didn't you? You're all so smart!

    Here comes the update post!