How did you handle your first few months post-chemo?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty new here but my story is posted under my name. I finished my 12th round of chemo two weeks ago. This is post-operative chemo and it was Folfiri. I had a diaphragm resection, RFA on some small spots on my liver and HIPEC.

Yesterday at Duke I had clean scans and a normal CEA so they recommended moving me to "watch closely". My local onc had wanted to do 4 more rounds to be cautious. Duke says there is no evidence supporting 16 instead of 12. If you have opinions on that, I woudl like to hear them.

I have been declared NED before only to find it back within three months so while I am happy with yesterday's report, I know that this battle has been won but there is another one to fight.

I am nervous but glad for the chemo break which will be four months if my CEA stays normal. I am a supplement taker and juicer and smoothie drinker, although not that faithful during chemo. I guess I would just like to hear others' experiences if you don't mind.

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    Hi Catherine,
    Hi Catherine,
    - I just wanted to add that my oncologist suggested I begin the 10- week Oncology Rehab program associated with the Greenville Hospital System. I participated in a group with others who were led through exercise 3 times a week. Our vitals were monitored before, during and after the exercise. It was great for giving me energy and strength.