Back to back infections!

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I am wondering if anyone else has gotten back to back infections. I have been on some sort of antibotic since February 24. It seems that once I finish them within 5 to 6 days I have got my cellulites back and it comes back in different spots? Butt, viginia and upper butt checks. I am getting very frustrated with being on antibotic for this long. I have an appt with gyno on thursday to see if she can figure out why.

I appreciate any input on this subject. Thank you and god bless!


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    I finally got the dermatologist who put me on a fairly new antibiotic ointment that I used in my sore nose. She told me the cellulitis bug sometimes like to "hang out" there and sure enuf, five days after using it, my nose was no longer sore and I have only had one time I think I had a recurrence - but with no fever developing, I am not really sure it was cellulitis.

    Sorry this response has been so delayed- I must have skimmed it and gotten distracted- my attention here is very spotty!

    I will get the name of the drug tomorrow or over the weekend.