AML-M4, please help

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My aunt is 62 years old, and she was diagnosed to get AML-M4 in March 7, 2010.
She underwent IDA Chemo treatment in March 10, undertook Daunorubicin 10mg for three days, and CYTARABINE HYDROCHLORIDE FOR INJECTION for 7 days. The first treatment was finished on March 16, and a Lab test was done on March 30. The results were: WBC 11.57 * 10^9/L, RBC 2.41*10^12/L, HBG 69/L, PLT 9*10^9, and was told that there were no improvement for the treatment. And it was told that “the patients still respond to drugs, but the primary drug resistance, complex chromosome karyotype, prognosis is poor”.

From March 30 to April 19, she undertook G-CSF program, during which repeated blood transfusions and platelets transfusion. One the 3rd day of platelets: WBC: 19.67 * 10^9 / L, platelet PLT 5 ~ 9 * 10^9 / L, the head doctor informed the family that “the treatment effect is poor, the case may not ease, but the final result will be up to the findings of May 3 Bone marrow examination”.

After April 20's chemotherapy, a bag of blood was transfused. The blood monitoring information is as follows:
a) April 21, PLT: 5*10^9/L, WBC:29*10^9 /L.
b) April 23,, PLT 9 * 10^9 / L, WBC: 61 * 10^9 / L.

Conclusion: The prognosis is poor, ill, although the bone marrow is not pumping, it may not ease.

Any good suggestions are appreciated. Please help.