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Just an update. Everything for Mark is pushed back a week. A mix-up regarding Motrin. He has had it too recently to do the endoscopy/biopsy. Rescheduled for next Monday and then hopefully the Robotic sugery for his tonsil that Friday. Does a week make a difference in terms of cell growth and migration?


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    Time Frame
    I'm not an expert, but more than likely not. I was STG III when diagnosed (2 Jan 2009), but it took probably 3 - 4 weeks delayed to start treatment because of a diverticulitus thing going on when I had my initial PET. They wanted to clear that up and had me also do both another endoscopy and colonscopy before they started.

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    Agree with John
    I would agree with what John stated. One week should not have a big impact at this time. If it were one or two months, then I would be concerned, that is only my opinion.

    The last time I went for a Pet Scan, I was asked if I ate or drank anything. I said no, as I stood there chewing my gum, Duh. The receptionist called the Pet Scan Tech and they told me that the little bit of stuff in the gum could give me a false reading. Had to reschedule. Now I know.

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