update on blood clots

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Well, thank you all for thinking of me and my newest issues. So I had the ct scan again on Friday, waited for a call to tell me what to do, didn't hear anything all night, went to bed, got up on Saturday morning and put a call in to find out what was going on. I received a call and was told I had to go into the hospital overnight to be watched and to be shown how to give myself a shot of Lovenox. I did the shot myself, got a kit with items in the box to show me how to do things. I stayed overnight had blood drawn, the stupid power port wouldn't draw blood so they had to to put TPA in it and then it worked after that. I am now at home and happy. lol I just gave myself another shot and will find out more tomorrow about eventually going on Coumadin for awhile. So.... I thought the blood clots were from the chemo, well I guess I was wrong, I was told that cancer will thicken the blood and cause clots. Ya learn something new everyday! The larger one in my chest area was the vein connected to my right leg, well I was wondering why my right leg was so swollen all the time now. I just thought it was from Doxil, wrong again. My left leg always swells so I just figured it was par for the course of chemo. I strongly suggest that if you have any unusual swelling to call it in to your doctor, I am so glad I had called to find out about the ct scan results. Lesson learned here about waiting for someone to call you. My right leg is not swollen any more so it must be working (blood thinner)My family and the cat is doing better now that I am home. lol Just another bump in the road.
Thanks again, and remember to call if you have more swelling than usual.


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    hi Sharon
    It's hard to tell when and why your legs are swollen. I had my legs swollen due to bed rest (ICU and 4 days in bed). They were giving me a lot of IV liquid (saline) which caused my feet swollen so bad. I asked them to stop using saline and allow for my feel to unswell. After few weeks later I took water pills and it works!! I was able to walk around with my feet and able to see my ankles. They did test on me if I had blood clots but it has nothing to do with it. I just got bad side effects from the chemo so that's how I ended up but after that I'm okay now. It's good to check up why your legs or feet swell up.

    take care, Reddie