Ovarian cencer dysgerminoma stage 3 c

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Hi I am Karen from Oakland Ca I was diagnosed with Dysgerminoma stage 3 c at age 26 in 1995 I was told it happens to teens age 13 -25 and boys too, I thought I had Fibroids that is what i was told I had this tumor growing moving, causing discomfort, I thought I was pregnant again, had surgery after surgery found out my ovary was sitting on top of my uterus wrapped in the fallopian tube it was 26 cm in size and it was cancerous they removed it and some of my Omentum, after 3 weeks i had to start 4 rounds of chemo five days in hospital then 3 weeks out to get better then 5 days again 4 times, one outpatient chemo every week, I was on Cisplatin, Blemomythian, and I think Taxol went in on a monday and had chemo every day till friday after the first week my ca25 that was at over 80 went down to below 2 so it was working. have been cancer free since 1995.