I Thought It Was Time For Something Funny

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I was online checking my cell phone plan, thinking I might upgrade our plan. My husband had been telling me that he thought he had unlimited text messages and I informed him that he did not. He was only allowed 250 per billing cycle and I was paying $5 extra for that. Well while I was checking out the plans, I decided to just check and see how many text messages he had used. I nearly had a heart attack. Out of his 250 allowed he had used 642. Needless to say I was speechless. I should have known because he has never done anything have way. It is all or nothing. My husband just turned 61. We have 7 grand kids. He texts our grand kids and our nieces. Just about everybody. So I called the phone company to find out how much all of his fast fingered antics was going to cost me. I was prepared for the worst but happy it was only $40 extra. Gotta love him. He doesn't have many vices so I just changed our plan and he now has unlimited texting. The really funny thing is when I was talking to the phone company and explained to them my delima they were very understanding because they though it was like our teenage son. When I told them it was my husband a heard a long "Ohhhhhhhhh". I can just imagine what a laugh they had after they got off the phone with me.




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    What a great story, Donna!
    What a great story, Donna! I was expecting a joke, and looking forward to one, but this was sooo much better! I just love it! And I agree~ he definately sounds worth the extra $40.00!

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    Sounds like somethin my hubby would do!
    But you gotta love 'em, especially when the really delve in. I'm glad it wasn't too costly and gave you a good chuckle.