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Hi my mom was diagnosed last Monday and Thursday, we had the 1st appointment with the Oncologist who believes it's between stage 2 and 3,the 1st pet scan is scheduled for Monday and chemoradition will start soon after I know everyone is different but what can I expect in the way of sickness after treatment.Oh my name in Mikey and I live in Kenmore NY,I'm her son,I have a brother but he lives out of state so I be the major caregiver,her brother and his girlfriend will also be there for support and to help when I have to be w/my son who's 15 and a freshman in HS.Thanks up front for all the suggestions.


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    Hi Mickey,
    Welcome, and I

    Hi Mickey,

    Welcome, and I am sorry you had to meet us this way. Everyone is different in how they handle the treatment as well as the course of action that your Mom's doctors will plan. I was stsge 3 and started with oral chemo and radiation for 6 weeks to shrink the tumor. I handled this fairly well. I worked the entire time I was going throught hte treatment. I had my radaition in the morning before work. After a month break from the radaition, I went in for resection surgery and had a temporary illeostomy. I had the open surgery and it was major, my doctors chose to do a hysterectomy while I was open to rid my body of any organs that could get cancer later on. The recovery time fo rthis was about 6 weeks, however I have a job that i was able to work from home so 2 weeks after surgery I began working on the computer. However, I would work for a few hours then nap, then work a few hours then nap again. About 6 weeks after the resection I had a mediport put in and the started having IV Folfox chemo for 9 treatmets, every other week I would go to the cncer center get my treatment and then come home with the chemo for 46 hours. I scheduled my chemo on Thursdays so that I would only be out of the office for 2 days every other week. I did not get nausea, kept my hair and kinda sailed through the process. When my chemo ended, I was able to get my ileostomy reversed last September, then the port was removed this past February. It was about a year of my life to battle this and it can be done.

    Attitude is the major player in all this. I was determined to not let cancer become how I defined myself, I went into this thinking that I am just me who happens to have cancer.

    Also, do not hesitate to ask for anti depresents or sleep aids, alot of us swear by them here! and ask anything you need to from anyone here.

    Good luck and keep us posted !
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    Hi Miley,
    Sorry about your mom. There are a lot of people who will be of help to you here. My husband is the one with cancer and as you said everyone is different as is the treatments. I would wait and see what the Onc says. Also what the pet scan shows. Trust your gut feeling about your oncologist. Do some research about the things he/she says. I am sure you are all in shock right now.
    People on this board have helped me and my husband a bunch. Let us know what her onc says and above all be there for her and it sounds like you are. All of my best to you and your Mom. Paula
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    Hey, Mikey. I'm sorry for why you're here, but I really this board will be a big help to you. Please let us know how things are going with your mom.

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    Hi Mikey,
    Welcome to the

    Hi Mikey,

    Welcome to the board. I don't have anything to add to what has been said. I think you will find this a very helpful forum. Once you know what chemo your mmwill be on, people can let you know what side-effects, etc. they had. One thing I can say is that radiation is usually pretty tiring, especially towards the end of treatment. Take good care!
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    Hi Mike
    Welcome to the discussion board we wish you did not have to join. That being said, those with experience with rectal cancer will come on to help you with this journey.

    No question is too big or too small to ask. Don't worry about terminology, we will know what you mean. Sop\on enough you will pick it up.

    My hubby's cancer was in the transverse colon not rectal. Treated different, no radiation, but the chemo drugs will likely be the same.

    If you click on our names you can read our stores.

    Take care and come back and let us know what is going on after the PET and hopefully we will be of assistance.

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    I'm sorry about your mom.Everyone is different,I did chemo,and radiation at the same time,and the first 4 weeks where ok,but the last 2 weeks I had bad cramps at the end of the week.I slowly lost my appittite also.But the tumor shrank alot,they were able to get it all off my tailbone,and lymp nodes[11],and took out my appendix.I also have a permanant colostomy.If possible you should go to the doctors with your mom,and write down the questions you want to ask because everything will be new,and confusing.You can come here to ask any questions,someone will probably have an answer,and feel free to vent if you need to,we understand what you are going thru.Good luck.