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Hi all, I am about two months post-op from a bilateral mastectomy, going through rads right now and my main problem seems to be my scars. The worst and most painful one is where they removed my port on my chest. The docs said it healed as a keloid scar, which normally happens in darker skins tones (and of course I'm pretty pale). It has become very painfull, my clothes rub on it and it seems like nothing helps it. I've put on lidocaine cream, doesn't really work, I've put on vitamin E from gelcaps, and I'm hoping that might eventually make a difference.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? My other scars don't bother me, and I feel like such a wimp that this little scar is causing so much discomfort. Anyone else have a scar like this?


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    Not really sure what to do
    I am not really sure what to do for the keloid scar tissue. I did read this on the web.

    Keloids often do not need treatment. They may be reduced in size by:

    * Corticosteroid injections
    * External pressure
    * Freezing (cryotherapy)
    * Laser treatments
    * Radiation
    * Surgical removal

    I would definately ask my PS for a recommendation, and possibly a scar revision. (I know more surgery). But maybe they can do it in the office, or change the scar so it does not rub.

    I know I was sewn up by two different doctors, from my axillary node dissection(surgeon) and my mastectomy (PS). The Ax Node scar was really tight and uncomfortable, I did some massage and used bio oil and at two different times I actually teased out a suture knot. It is feeling better all the time, but it does not rub on my clothes.

    I just wanted to know I wish you the best, and hopefully this will resolve soon.

    - Carrie