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Anybody tried Ip6 & Inositol, the formula from Dr Shamsuddin ?

I've been taking it for two weeks. will ask my surgeon for PSA check in two weeks (5/3/10)

Prostate cancer history:
Pre-biopsy PSA = 14 ng/ml
Biopsy gleason score = 9
Radical prostatectomy August 09
First PSA after surgery = 0.1 (3 mo after surgery)
2nd PSA after surgery = 0.2 (PSA doubling in 3 months, not good !!)

I consulted with 2 radiation oncologists but have not made any decision yet.

The first one (he has IMRT machine) said : "we don't know where your cancer cells are, so we'll radiate your prostate bed & lymph nodes". Chance of success =50%"

The second one (he has the tomo machine) said: "... chance for success = 25%. You need to be treated with combined hormone & radiation". My thoughts: "hormone therapy does not work, it will only cause a temporary reduction of PSA, so having hormone therapy masks the true results of radiation therapy".

Another thought: Not knowing where the cancer cells are, and using radiation therapy is like using a missile to kill an entire village, not knowing where the terrorist is.

My observation: The Drs don't know what they are doing, but I don't blame them. Cancer is still too complex for the medical profession !!

My only hope: I start going to church and ask for God's help, for the minister & congregation prayers.


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    Post RetroPubicRadicalSurgery RPRS Results.
    I had surgery June 10, 2009. Tumor outside capsule, but clean margin. Massive vascular and intraneural migration. 3 month interval PSA's in Sept .1ng/ml, Dec. .1ng/ml, Mar .2ng/ml confirmed in April. My team at Mass General (Surgeon Team leader, Medical and radiation oncologist) suggest tool we use for now is time to monitor level and track rate of change. Rapid change tends to be evidence of systemic proliferation, slow tends to be local ie. surgical site implication. Systemic treatment recommendation will be hormone therapy, local manifestation suggesting radiation. I was informed the expectation is that it will appear elsewhere due to my pathology report (clean margin, vascular and intraneural migration, high grade carcinoma). I am told the diagnostic capability at this low level could produce misleading results, so that is why the wait. I'll screen again in June and Sept and visit with med team then per my teams advice.

    In the meantime, prayer and attendance at my Church's Healing Services as well as fellowshiping with others in support groups is my mainstay for peace and serenity under the circumstances. I have today and I plan to live it well with gratitude.