Question about antibiotics and chemo

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Will they still give you chemo if you are taking an antibiotic? I started an antibiotic on Monday for an abcessed tooth. They also did a root canal. They wouldn't do my tissue expander today because of antibiotic. I'm so frustrated. If they don't do my chemo tomorrow I may scream. I just want a little normalacy in my life. Thanks for any advice. P.S. I don't have a temp and feel the best I've felt in years even with the chemo.


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    I have been on several kinds
    I have been on several kinds of antibiotics while taking chemo but I was taking them for other reasons (ear infections and I had a problem with port incision healing).
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    They usually will not place an expander or any implant during an infection (anywhere in your body) because of chance of the infection going to that area and causing problems. Chemo is different and they may or may not do it depending on your MD because it will lower your WBC count that fights infection. It is hard to be patient while our bodies heal, but please know that your MD's are only acting in your best interest.

    Please don't scream - lol- we all understand your frustration! Hopefully you will have your chemo today and be one step closer to fighting this beast!

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    I did!
    I had daily IV antibotics and A/C chemo for 7 weeks, due to an infection in my left breast from the beginning of reconstruction. It wasn't easy, I believe it mad me more sick. They watched my WBC very closely, which got down 200. The doctor was shocked with that number and ran it again. It was tough on my bowels but I made it thru! Not without having another surgery though, we had to take out everything in my left breast that we had started reconstructing. Now the infection is gone and I am off the IV antibotics!