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New to the board. My dad who is 56, visited the urologist last week, judging from the Ultrasound, the urologist thinks my Dad has an enlarged prostate. The urine sample showed no blood. A PSA test was done the same day, and the psa test came back at 0.2. My dad is somewhat obese, don't know if that would influence a psa test. My question can you have an enlarged prostate and a very low psa or normal psa? Should I be worried about cancer? Thanks for the input.


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    Let me be one of the first to tell you to relax. A 0.2 PSA reading is NOTHING to freak out about, particularly for a 56 year old man. If he has an enlarged prostate, it does not mean he has cancer. In all likelyhood the doctor will prescribe something for an enlarged prostate and have him return for second PSA test in a few months to see if the reading is stable or getting higher.

    Oh, as far as things that might cause an increased PSA level, sexual activity can do that.

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    heart healthy is prostate healthy
    ...important for your father to eat healthy and exercise.........many more men die from heart disease than from prostate cancer.......also, other diseases can occur such as diabetics.