Need Advice for my father
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July 13th 2009 my dad had surgery to remove his bladder due to cancer. He had a neobladder placed at the time. In December he had a checkup and was cancer free...a huge relief. Then in late Feburary he started have problems with his lower back and pelvis but was nothing new due to his line of work. After several appointments to the chiropracter it was now time for his April check up appointment with his Urologist. Now the bad news. My dads cancer is back and we were quickly set up for a PET scan and an appointment with the local cancer assoicates group. The doctor informed us that the cancer was back in the area of where the bladder was and now a small area in the liver. Metastatic bladder cancer is what we were told. The news that we were given was such a shock to me. With chemo alone 18months. With Chemo and Radiation 36months. Due to the location of the mass in the pelvic area they do not believe that surgery will be possible at this time. I just couldn't understand why? What could you mean 18 to 36 months when just in December we were cancer free. I really trust the urologist and he recommended this doctor. I just feel like this is such a shock that we need another opinion/opinions. Dad goes Tuesday to get the port placed and takes his first treatment Friday. Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please pray. Thanks!

A Sad Daughter,


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    Jaclyn, I will keep your Dad in my prayers. I am praying for my husband who was just diagnosed with bladder cancer 3 weeks ago. We are waiting for a bone scan and a CT scan to see if it spread to other organs. Keep me posted and I will be keeping your Dad in my prayers as well. Keep your chin up!