lump under skin of thigh

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This is probably a bunch of nothing, but I wanted to ask y'all's advice. I have had a small lump under the skin of my left thing for probably a couple of months. I first noticed it when it felt sensitive when I was wearing jeans. I ran my hand over my leg and could feel the small lump. I figured maybe I had hit my leg against something and had a bruise. It is still there. not as senstive to clothing at the moment, but I can feel it when I rub my hand over the spot.

I didn't even think about it when I saw the oncologist last week, and maybe it's something to simply ask my family doctor about. Or maybe I'm just being crazy. Help!



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    Hi, Gail I've had a lump in my upper right inner thigh for over 9 years. I asked my primary dr about it and he said it was a benign fatty tumor. Since its still there, and I've had no ill effects from it, I believe he is right. Maybe thats what you have, but you should check with your dr. Lori
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    I'm sure it's just a fatty tumor. My daughter had one of those on her calf and it kept getting bigger so she had it removed. She said it was white and looked like a hard-boiled egg when it was removed. It was nothing to worry about though!