Pet Scan to Obese for it

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Im very obese & a normal Pet scan will not work for me. Does anyone know of a place in florida that can handle a obese person? Other wise I will have to do my chemo the way they did it over 15 years ago. Just give me chemo & pray. Not sure Im willing to chance doing chemo that way


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    I am confused. What does the
    I am confused. What does the chemo have to do with a pet scan ? Why would the chemo go back to how they treated it 15 years ago ? I understand your size and the size of the pet scan machine, but the chemo part I don't get. There are place for Large size MRI I have read, but I don't know about the pet scan.
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    Hi SBergeron. I'm with Kat
    Hi SBergeron. I'm with Kat about the chemo. I hope it all works out for you. I don't know the area of Florida in which you live, but have you contacted Moffitt in Tampa or the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville? Best of luck to you!
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    Well, they do the scans for
    Well, they do the scans for staging to see where the cancer is in the body and the size. If it's a large tumor they might want to do chemo first to shrink it. That is what they did for me. Plus if it's somewhere else in the body they might alter the chemo. I don't know about that because it was just in my breast and nodes. Maybe you should talk to the doctor or nurse about where you could go to get a scan? There must be someplace. Or have you tried calling ACS? The number is on this site and they might be able to help.
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    Hello. I am sorry you have to be here and sorry for your scan issues due to weight. I don't normally post on BC board, but I have a close friend who just finished Treatment for BC and sometimes I like to check in here. Anyhow, I am assuming the weight is an issue for all scans? I mean cat scan, pet scan or Pet/CT combo? Forgive me for asking but I've never had a scan. That being said, surely you're not the first obese person your doctors/nurses have run into. They don't know where to send you? I would push for the scan and if they won't make a referral, start looking for another doctor. They have to know a place that can accommodate you. Best of luck, and let us know how you make out.
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    To Large for Pet Scan
    I had a Masec. In Feb. They removed 15 noids. 10 out of the 15 were positive with cancer. The Dr. wants the pet scan to see if the cancer is anywhere else in my body. Sorry guess I should of gave more information, Everything just keeps going back 4 steps for me so was pretty upset and crying when i posted the first post.
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    Hello Sberg, my brother in-law is rather large and when he needed a PET scan he did not fit either so they opted to do an open MRI which is basically the same as a normal MRI just open so a larger person can fit comfortably. I found that there is one in Tampa, not sure if you live near there but here is the link:


    Here is a link to an open MRI in Orlando as well:

    Hope this has been helpful.