Ostomy Bag for Leaking J Tube

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Just wanted to share something that is working for a leaking J tube. Before we left the hospital after surgery, the ostomy nurse came and placed a urostomy bag around our leaking J-tube. It has been a very good solution to a messy problem. I clean around the J-tube site daily, and have applied some nystatin and some Desitin to protect the skin that is exposed. The leaking was significant at first, and now has slowed to just some bile and a little extra if he drinks too much too fast. Dale is very weak, and lost another 10-12 pounds while in the hospital recuperating from surgery, but is is feeling a little stronger. We are taking it day by day and will meet with the oncologist soon in preparation for chemo. Certainly not looking forward to that, but if it keeps him with us for a few years longer, then we do what we have to do.


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    That is a great solution. I never had an ostomy bag with mine but I did have the j tube in while getting chemo and it made my j tube drain much more, just a fyi for you. I will keep you and Dale in my prayers. He has been thru a lot with surgery and now with the chemo coming up, lets hope it all gives him many more years. Each day is a gift to a cancer patient. take care, prayers always,