I got my expander surgery date and I am so nervous!

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Hello sisters! I got the call today for my expander surgery. May 10th. I don't know why I am more nervous about this than the mastectomy. I didn't have any arm limitations after my bilateral, but I will with this. Just someone telling me I can't raise my arms for weeks. Crazy. I'm not asking specific questions because I have so many...so please....any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated! One thing, when I had my mas it was so fast I never got the cami garment and needed it after. I have gone with any prosthetic bra. I've just been flat chested....actually concave, but that's neither here nor there. Do I need to get something to wear after these expanders? A regular bra? I don't even have one of those...I burned them all. Not really...that would have been so 60's. I did what any modern day woman would do and recycled them. Put them right in the recycle bin and out to the side of the road! lol! JK! Anyway, what do I put my new but temporary girls in? Do I need a script for this whatever? I also worry about my lymphedema with surgery. The ps said it would be fine (of course she would) and the therapist seems concerned (of course she is). Has anyone ever had a lymphedema flair up and get a surgery at the same time? Help! Thank you!


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    I had my expanders put in when I had my mastectomies done. So, I do not know if it will be the same. If you will have drains in the cami is nice to have. My surgeon gave me a perscription and I went to where she sent me and the insurance covered two of them. I am wearing mine now. It came with little forms filled with batting. They fit in a pocket. I had to put off getting my expanders filled for awhile so I have been wearing them. It has helped me feel more normal. It also helps ad some padding from the seat belt when I drive and from my cat that seems to like to jump on my chest. My PS had me get several bras from walmart that hook in the front. I got two that were my regular size around and two that were a size bigger. I sleep in the bigger ones and wear the smaller ones during the day. I would put the antibiotic oinment on and then put a large gauze pad over the top and then put on the bra and the bra would hold everything in place. Now I just put on A & D ointment. I get the large guaze pads from Walgreens and cut them in half and use one half on each side to save a little money. I had to be careful for awhile because I had healing issues so I could not move my arms very much either, but I did ask my doc. what more I could do each time I saw him so I wouldn't over do it and so I could also keep my shoulders from being to stiff. My husband made sure he put cups and things down lower for me so I could get to things when he was not home. I am short anyway so I carried a short stool around the house with me to use to reach things. Make sure you eat a lot of protein and take vitiamin c (if your doc says it is okay) and becareful what type of antibotic ointments you put on the incision area. I had a reaction to the stuff I was using. Hope this is helpful.
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    My expanders were put in immediately after my mastectomies in late January. They've been filled since early March. I'll get them replaced with silicone implants in early July, because I'm currently having chemo and can't have surgery while my white blood count is low, etc.

    I'm small and don't wear a bra at all, since my incisions healed. Love it! The expanders are so hard that they don't bounce or move. Frankly, I love being able to pop a shirt on -- no nipples, just a nice, smooth shape. I always had huge nipples and couldn't cover them up no matter how many layers or types of bras I wore. In cooler weather, I did wear a tank or camisole underneath my tops, but mostly for warmth or a bit more coverage under white shirts.

    Just saying that braless may be a possibility for you after your incisions heal. I went braless as soon as I got my drains out.