loved one with kidney cancer- fatigue

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My father found out in Feb 2010 that his kidney cancer has returned. He was first dianosed in March 2009, had one kidney removed and the cancer removed from his vena cava. He immediately went on a drug trial for targeted therapy, but the cancer came back. Now it is incurable and inoperable. He is on once a week Torisel and has battled quite a bit of issues. The cancer is back in his vena cava/heart/hepatic nerve. The question I have for all of you (my first time to this chat room) is has anyone battled severe fatigue with kidney cancer?? The docs say it isn't the Torisel and all his levels are good. He has no will to do anything. I think depression has set in. Any advice would help. Thank you.


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    Cancer fatigue
    First off, nothing is incurable. You have to research harder. I found Tomo-Therapy which my doctor did not know of. It destroyed several dangerous tumors cold. There are new developments in Nanoscale targeted therapy which is being developed in Houston. My survival has depended on research and application. I was given 6 MONTHS to live, its now 6 YEARS! I'm no stranger to depression. Cognitive therapy is very effective in dealing with it and Paxil. For cancer fatigue, I use Strattera 25mg twice daily. It's wonderful in fighting fatique. Another powerful tool is Meditation (dummies book-very helpful in learning). Never surrender, never stop fighting!