how's my family doing ?

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good evening semi's
just checking in, hope all is well.
i haven't been on for a while, back to work and it has been busy, inventory etc.
but i think about everyone here everyday!!!
keep up the good fight,keep the faith.
everyday we get up is a good day because we have beaten cancer another day.
be well semi's
never,ever give up!!


  • AnneCan
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    Thanks for checking in,
    Thanks for checking in, Bruce. I was wondering how you were doing + I always love the encouraging words you put in your posts. Take good care.
  • KathiM
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    Hey Bruce!!!!
    Long time no see...glad to hear life has gotten in the way!!!!


    You were such a big support for me during my fight, I list you every night in the things to say 'Thank you' for!!!

    Hugs, from another old-timer, Kathi