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Just wanted to let everyone know that I had the Pet Scan done on Tuesday. They called yesterday and said that nothing lit up on the scan, not even my liver tumors. The onco Dr. is thinking they are the rare hormonal tumors and not cancer since my blood work and the scan was all normal. I have an appt with the onco Dr. tomorrow to talk about next steps. It was mentioned to stop the pill and do another scan in a couple of months. So Im not sure if I will be referred to a specialist or what will happen next. I still have my same symptoms and now actually my right side is bothering me some now. So since so many of you replied to my posts I wanted to let everyone know. I will also leave a message on the colorectal board as well since I had also talked to a couple of people from there too. I wish everyone the best of luck and if anyone ever needs anyone to talk to they can e-mail me at [email protected]. I dont have any medical background but I can be a good ear.


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    It sounds like good news to me! I've been thinking about you, thank you for letting us know how your doing. Hopefully when you stop the pill, that will take care of the tumors, and you will have your answer as to what to do next. I wish you well. Lori
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    Hi Chris
    I certainly hope this news is as good as it sounds! Please let us know what you find out from the oncologist tomorrow and where you go from here. I wish you the best!
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    Three cheers for Great News!
    Thank heavens! It ain't easy to be "rare"!