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Have any of you heard of a product called Juice Plus? it is a vegetable and fruit supplement... any thoughts on it?


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    juice plus
    Have not tried juice plus, although you can find reviews about it easily enough online.

    If you are looking for liquid supplements of that kind that are a bit less expensive consider the rather new V8 products (I forget the name) that are also a combination of vegetable/fruit. These I have tried and did not like the taste but it was not so bad that I could not drink the entire bottle. Me, I prefer the regular V8, although it might be a bit zesty for some tastes, a bit thick for some capabilities.

    Other folks would advise that you rely on the blender and that you make your own veggie and fruit concoctions. I really wish I had saved some of the blender-specific recipes people have offered over time herein. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to get people to contribute ideas once again.

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    Hi Wifeforlife
    My Wife was taking the Juice plus pills for a few months but never saw anything different from taking them or not taking them. It is supposed to help build your immune system and give you all the daily vitamins your body needs. I believe like Joe said you can do the same with a V-8 but the problem with a V-8 is all the Sodium that they put in it. I have a juicer that I use, it is a little work but everything is fresh and you get all the vitamins your body needs the old fashion way. I am sure that there are others who have used the Juice plus pills and it might be working for them quite well, I guess if you don’t have the time to juice it raw then it is better then not taking anything at all.

    All the best to you