Appointment trip gone awry

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Yesterday I had an appointment with my gyn/onc for a follow-up. I hadn't seen him since he did the surgery last Sept. My husband went with me, and we planned to make a little shopping expedition (Trader Joe's & IKEA) while we were in the big city that's two hours away from home.

Things started badly-doctor was running an hour behind. When I saw him and asked about removing the IP port, he said we could set up a date for the surgery for the removal, and do the pre-op chest x-ray, bloodwork, EKG, etc. while I was there - and hey, why not a CT scan because I hadn't had one post-surgery yet? We didn't get to leave the hospital until after 5 p.m.-just in time for rush hour.

Oh well, better luck next time! Maybe after the port removal...


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    This just really helps
    This just really helps doesn't it?

    Don't despair one of the many ups and downs on this roller-coaster ride called "cancer".

    But keep up the good outlook! :-D

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    Hey Sue, sorry to hear your trip hit a detour but glad your doc is so thorough. Hugs ♥ Prayers Bonnie
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    Well, shoot!
    Maybe you could plan another one when you go to get the results. Anyway it is nice to hear about the port removeal approval. Good to hear from you. Take advantage of every minute for those special trips.