1st post-dx colonoscopy - all good!

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I had my first post-diagnosis colonoscopy yesterday (3 years post-diagnosis) and was relieved that everything is clear. My primary tumor was appendix, and despite having a resection/hemicolectomy, my drs didn't want to do a colonoscopy any sooner than this. I'd had a clean one 6 weeks before my diagnosis, which was during a hysterectomy.

I had minimal sedation, and watched the whole thing - fascinating, especially seeing how my colon differs from an intact colon. There is no cecum, no opening to the appendix, as that part of the colon was removed, and I could see how it was attached to the small intestine. I also saw the scar from the reattachment where another segment of my colon was removed. All very pink and smooth, not gross or disgusting.

Most important - no irregularities found (small diverticulosis, some minor hemmerhoids. Breathing freely again (at least until my CAT scans on the 26th; I get the results the same day.)

A side note: the Movi-Prep that I had wasn't bad; not too salty (but not a taste I would choose to drink), and caused no cramping, just standard running. It's a PEG prep.

Yay for good news! (And frustrated that Chat is still down - can't share actively!)


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    Good news is welcome :)

    I'll be having a 6 month scope on the 22nd. My onc usually recommends 1 year post surgery but in my case the gastro who did the colonoscopy in the hospital before surgery was very vague about some tumors and polyps. Didn't say if he removed them, just that he saw them. He is the same one who missed 2 tumors 1 year prior to dx & surgery so he got fired.
    Starting over again with a new gastro who specializes in colon cancer.I hope he will do the job right.

    Congrats on a clear, clean colon!Hoping mine is too. I'm using Miralax/Dulcolax/Gatorade prep. It works very well too.

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    Congratulation! Enjoy your
    Congratulation! Enjoy your success + great results!
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    I hope all your tests continue to go well.