Melanoma in situ

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I have two moles in different areas on my back that tested positive for melanoma in situ. My doctor has scheduled a procedure to excise the melanoma on just one at a time instead of both at once. Both areas are on my back one in the middle and one on the upper right shoulder. I would like to know if it is customary to do one at a time or is my doctor trying to bilk my insurance company. Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Always ask your doctor why they are doing a procedure a certain way.

    With the close proximity of both tumors, I can guess that the surgeries are being done separately just in case the excisions will need to be larger than originally proposed.
    This is usually a safety factor, to avoid the possibility of a skin graft when wide excision areas cannot be closed with remaining healthy skin.

    I've had a very similar surgery in 2005, so don't be shy in getting all your questions answered. BE SURE TO GET YEARLY CHECKUPS and proper followup for the rest of your life.
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    melanoma insitu
    I just found this website.. but I wanted to answer this anyway... I had melonacystic proliferation removed starting 3-1, didn't get it all, 3-2... got everything but also included Melanoma in situ with completion on 3-3... leaving a rather long scar to the left of my nose down thru my laugh line... but also had basal cell on my upper left lip... they waited 4 weeks to do the MOHs on the basal cell.
    Either way for me it was a good thing to have the time few weeks inbetween procedures.

    Sure hope all has gone well...