Mother Diagnosed with EC

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My mother residing in Bangalore, India was diagnosed with EC (Squamous cell cancer) last month all those tests today they staged her as T1N0. What are my options here, I'm reading that surgery is the best treatment, I'm also worried if that will be a cure or just a treatment. Overall we are devastated with the news, my mother is 51yrs old and we were not quite ready for something as big as this. :(

If anyone has any thoughts on CRT or surgery please inform me.


  • Tina Blondek
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    Dear Bhasi,
    Welcome to our wonderful csn family. A lot of people on this board will reply and help you. I was a caregiver for my dad, Ray, 71. He had esophageal cancer stage IV. Had no surgery. Had radiation and chemo for 6 wks. He beat it!! In December 09, the cancer methasized to his liver. This unfortunately he could not beat. He passed away on 3/9/10. Your mom's staging at I is wonderful. The sooner it is caught the better. Surgery at this early of a stage is usually recommended. Hopefully you have a good cancer center there in India that specializes in this cancer. Best of luck to you and your mom. Come to this site often, it will be very helpful. Let us know how she is doing.