Uterine Cancer

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Hi Ladies;
My name is Rocio. I live in a rural town and honestly I do not have too much faith in doctors in this town. I was told by my "Family Physician" I just was in "menopause". I went to an GY specialist who diagnosed me with endometrial cancer. I had surgery 3 months ago. Results: Stage 1, Class B, Grade1...It was recommended by the "Tumor Board" no further treatment, just regular check-ups....I know, I am going crazy just thinking of the cancer coming back. My doctor told me the probabilities in my case are very low. No hormone connection. Anyone could tell me about their experience with this same kind of cancer? I have met many women who have been cancer free for many years.....15, 20 even 30+....Maybe I am worrying too much????


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    Congrats on the low stage
    Congrats on the low stage and grade! It seems to be very common to NOT do any further treatments with your stage and grade. Just remember......see your doctor at anything unusual or strange and keep going for your follow-up check-ups. You will do great - but be agreesive with your own health care and if something doesn't seem right - push and push hard for answers!