Auto Stem Cell Transplant

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I am currently undergoing ICE chemo in prep for my auto stem cell transplant late May early June. I am just terrified and not sure. Is someone able to stay with you during isolation? Do you sleep most of the time? How do you feel when you are released? I am also trying to think positive as many stories about transplant are scary..but for some, maybe the transplant wasn't so bad. Very curious about people's experiences.
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  • JynxPhD
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    You can't do outpatient for the transplant? My husband is undergoing his second cycle of ICE next week for refractory Hodgkin's and is having an auto-SCT the last week of May or first week of June. His doctor's (Baylor in Dallas at the transplant unit) are letting him do it outpatient so he doesn't have to be away from me or our 3 year old daughter for 3 weeks. They said the outcome is equivalent and it's usually better for the patient emotionally to be at home each night. If you have to do inpatient, I have spoken to a lot of people who say they sleep the majority of the time during the hospital stay and they prefer not to have visitors. The BEAM (if that is the chemo you'll get for the transplant) seems to be tolerated better than ICE for most people. My husband had no reaction to ICE and felt better than he did during his ABVD. I know it is scary, I am terrified too. Just keep thinking that no matter how scary or lonely it may seem you have children to go home to that need you. Good luck!