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Hello im new here, but my mother has kidney cancer and it spread to her shoulder,neck, and her brian. She is taking chemo and rad. its very hard to deal with it, a yr ago i kept telling her to go to the doctor almost everyday but she kept saying its okay.. now she finds out that she has cancer. First, she went to our family doc. and she complains about her shoulder hurting and it became a big mass ( at that point she didnt know that she had cancer) the doc. drew some blood and put her on some pain meds and jus sent her home. she still was complaining about her shoulder so she went again and and the doc. did it again. well then she wanted to go see another doc. and he drew some blood and she found out that she was sever animaic so she needed two pints of blood and she has advance cancer. Through it all it was scary.. you only get one mother... she is being brave about the whole thing.. when i came up here and read all of you guys comments i finally understand about her mood swings and her being emotional... and i tell ya, her mood swings are hurtful but i know that she dnt mean it.. but i thank you for everything.. and im glad that i read all of your comments and i hope the best for you just keep God first and pray and i know that he will make a light at the end of every tunnel.


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    Be strong
    I'm so sorry you're going through this - and yes, your mother's mood swings are normal and yes, hurtful too. When someone gets sick - really sick - scary sick - it's kinda like you can't see outside. Like all the blinds are closed and it's really dark where you are. I saw this happen to my brother-in-law years ago and didn't really understand. Then I got cancer and two of my brothers did as well, all of us about the same time. I think the only thing that kept me somewhat sane was that they were going through the same thing (different types of cancer but ... ) and we seemed to grab hold of each other like a raft in a wild ocean. Just keep loving her - and do what you can for her. Take care of yourself too. You're going to need your own health and strength as she fights this battle.

    God bless!!!!!