Has anyone else had this same problem????

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I am really beginning to be deeply concerned! I had a lumpectomy and removal of 12 lymph glands, with only 1 malignant, in Nov. 2009. Have been seen regularly by my surgeon, Oncologist, Radiologist. In fact, just finished chemo the 10th of March. Was supposed to start radiation soon after, but Onc. and Radiolgist questioning the redness and swelling in my breast, and around toward my back.. Surgeon says it's scar tissue and lymphadema, have been on 2 regimens of antib. just in case it might be infection. No changes. Swelling is still there, along with the redness. Went for follow up mammogram and ultra sound. They found no evidence of a tumor , but the ultra sound shows alot of thickening of breast tissue..They're still thinking it is probably lymph fluid draining too slowly, and scar tissue. Radiation has been put on hold again, and I am being sent to rehab therapy for deep massage to hopefully get the fluids moving. Has this ever happened to any of you?


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    actually i think i may be
    actually i think i may be developing the same problem. i am much earlier in the process getting my second round of chemo next week. but i developed a "seroma" in my axilla after a lymph node dissection (7 of 35 nodes were microscopically positive) that has become quite large at times requiring drainage by the surgeon. the area under the fluid collection feels thick. there is no way to tell how much of the fluid is serum from the surgical bed site and how much is lymph. the surgeon tells me that eventually scar tissue will form and the accumulation of the fluid will slow and then stop. but it has been going on since mid february. i keep telling myself that this is the least of my problems right now.