Pathology back but no dancing for me

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Well one tube out and one left and it does feel good for the little victories. My pathology was some good some not so. My tumor(invasive duct) was under the nipple and 9mm but I had a field of calcium behind it that did not look good so I opted for the mastectomy. Lucky for me cause behind that field was another invasive (already) tumor 3.3 mm smaller but there, tested the same as the one found. No one including my surgeon, radiologist, mammo, ultra sound saw or felt it. I have clear margins on the mast but they also found Lymph-Vascular invasion and of the four nodes they took I am considered clear but they found a isolated tumor cell cluster 0.15 mm. So now maybe chemo but no rads.

Does anyone know about Lymph-vascular invasion? My surgeon said that the smaller tumor would have been had by rads had I opted for a lump or I would have had to go back because of the margins (ugh). I think the lymph-vascular meant it was traveling in the breast. She also said traveling is normal and that if she did a bone marrow they would probably find those bad boy cells there too. They just want to stop them from taking up residence.

So here I had the second best dx you could get T1N0M0 invasive, I took the tougher route and that bad boy still got me.

However there were so many dancing with NED reports in the last 2 days I think I am ok. Its just that it scares the bejesus out of me to know that it is so hard to see and hard to find when it is small.


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    Like you said, some good
    Like you said, some good news and some not. Congrats on the good news! Sending you prayers for your continued treatment!
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    Sorry to hear no ned as of
    Sorry to hear no ned as of yet. Stay focused, and determined, as I know you are we have to be.
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    Sorry to hear no ned as of
    Sorry to hear no ned as of yet. Stay focused, and determined, as I know you are we have to be.

    intravascular invasion
    Intravascular invasion means the tumor is in the lymphatics and vessels in your breast. good news no nodes so it didnt get far. chemo will help kill any cancer cells that escaped. insurance small tumors that is good. glad they found them so small. all in your favor. Unfortunate that you have to have chemo because although doable, its not fun. but glad they found it early so you have a great chance of cure.
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    Ok, so you didn't get quite the good news you wanted but at least you have one drain out and no node involvement - that's great. Stay positive, hang in there, and you will be dancing with NED before you know it. Remember, we all seem take one day at a time. I'm still sending you positive thoughts and wishing you a speedy recovery with that second drain out soon.

    Hugs, Sally
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    Count your blessings for the
    Count your blessings for the good news and take one day at a time. If it has not gone to the lymph nodes that is great. Mine had gone to the lymph nodes and they were able to get all of it. Chemo is different for everyone. I will keep you in my prayers and send positive thoughts your way. Hugs!!!!