Liver Cancer & Incarcerated

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My brother was diagnosed with liver cancer and he is incarcerated. He does take the nexavar and experiences pain due to the constipation. I am his medical power of attorney. We live on the east coast and his doctor flys in from CA only four times a month. It's obvious that he is not receiving adequate care, and he is only given pain medication when I call in to the prison. I am looking for advice to get him proper care. It seems like there are no humanitarian efforts being taken. Any help is appreciated.


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    Hi Halimahb and welcome. I was a caregiver for my dad, Ray, 71 who beat esophageal cancer, but in December 09 got mets to his liver. He could not beat this one. He passed away on 3/9/10. My dad also had a lot of pain due to constipation. The dr prescribed a laxative called Lactalouse. It is in liquid form,and needs to be taken 2x a day. This helped tremendously. The dr told him that he had to move his bowels, it was interferring with his liver. My dad's pain was from both the constipation and the liver cancer. My dad also had a blocked bile duct in his liver, that he had to get a stent put in to drain it. For pain he was taking morphine and oxycodone. Not familiar with how it works with patients in prison, but I would do my best to get him out of the prison and into a well known cancer center. Where on the east coast is he? If something is not done quickly, I fear he will pass away in prison. Keep us updated.