Roche/Xeloda offering discount on co-pay

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Hi everyone. I got a call from my pharmacist today telling me that my Xeloda was ready to be sent out to me. He said" I believe I have found a way for you to save money on your co-pay". He goes on to tell me about a card Roche sent out and if I would call and give Roche the ID# and Rx group# to activate it then it would pay $50.00 of my co-pay. That only leaves me $10.00 to pay! It is good for up to 8 Rx's of Xeloda.Ask your pharmacy if they have any of the cards or can get the info for you.

It is NOT available to anyone who has government insurance.

When I called I had to talk to a machine. Screwed that up twice but got a real live person finally and he was very helpful.

This will save me at least $250.00.Thumbs up to Roche/Hoffman!



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    that sounds good Pat.....glad that happened