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Hello everyone,
I was so glad when I read Craig's post. I am so glad you got help. I know first hand about being humble and having a problem accepting help from others.
As all of you have read, I have MS and John has helped me and cared for me for the 20 years I have had it. I can still do a lot but I am in a wheelchair now. We had a van but it was so hard for him to get me in and get my chair in to go anywhere. We had looked at ramp vans and they are so expensive we gave up. One day John saw an ad in the paper for one that had low miles and it was a reasonable price. However it was to much for us to buy. My sweet sister bought it for us. It was so hard to take the help but on the other hand we needed it. Now I can go with him to his appointments and it isn't so hard.

I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes you need to push pride out of the way and accept help. And when we can help others. That is what it is all about. Even if it is a kind phone call or a sweet card. What ever you can do.

Craig, I am so glad it worked out for you and you accepted help. I don't know the angel that helped you but I want to thank her too. And thanks to all of you for helping me with all my questions. Good luck Paula


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    Good Mornin' Paula :)
    How nice to see you this morning?

    I've been shakin' the cobwebs out this morning and was logging out when I saw your post.

    So many other folks need help and I'm not sure why I am the lucky recipient of such a loving gesture. That's where I carry the guilt - too many of you are suffering far more than me. How was I so fortunate to have this Angel bless me?

    I suppose only she knows why. It was a hard decision but it boiled down to our communication we shared for those couple of days and I realized what she was trying to do and how much she wanted to help. I really did not want to hurt her feelings as I knew this would hurt her inside and I could not live with that. I did not take it lightly and it was a hard enough decision to pray about. I don't think I got the answers there, but knew that if she could be so good to me, that I would just keep trying to do good for everyone else wherever I could.

    I would have done that without any help, but her gift further reinforced to me what I should be doing on this Earth. I've shared with everyone the things I've tried to do and I know that some folks have been helped and this is rewarding, so as you say, something on any scale can be so meaningful to those of who in the throes of battles and issues.

    It is true that Giving is better than receiving - it does something to one's inner workings and it's hard to put a price tage on that - knowing that you really made a difference in somebody's life.

    I'm not going to let her down though, or any of you either - I'm scheduled right now for a PET on Thursday the 8th. So, thanks to her, we'll see where I'm at - and I won't have to keep guessing and watching the year roll out from under me.

    Thank you for your thoughts this morning, Paul. Tell JR "howdy."

    And thank you for your story of help from your sister. Reading other's stories always gives us enlightenment that we did not have only moments before. They help piece everything together and we can learn from each other and keep things in the proper perspective.

    You're a brave woman too and I'm so glad you are now mobile to get around and be with your husband.

    My earlier posts have always talked about a world of giving for the sake of just giving. But then finding myself on the 'receiving' end really threw me for a loop. I just have to be gracious and accepting and then go and do more good with the bounty that I have received. Perhaps one day I'll be able to do something wonderful like that for somebody else.

    This Angel has certainly given me so much to think about - and for that, I thank her again. She is such a valued member of our family - I'm respecting her privacy unless I hear from her. But what she has done certainly deserves our praise & recognition.

    Have a great w/end Paula and JR!