Financial Assistance - Your Postings Helped An Uninsurable Breast Cancer Woman in Need

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To All of You Who Post,

If I did not have a recurrence, I would never have been on this site nor would I have been able to give a breast cancer woman the needed information relating to financial assistance.

I have known Amy, a jeweler, for a number of years. I only see her and talk to her at the art fairs where she exhibits. I just went to her house to purchase a piece of jewelry as a gift for Ashley who celebrated her Bat Matizvah.

When I was at Amy's house I found out that she had a papilloma tumor, 0 stage, and had a lumpectomy. Ovarian cancer also runs in her family. Her words, "I was in a ovarian cancer study (since I'm high risk and was high risk even before the breast tumor) but no longer can travel to Northwestern to participate in the study due to the fact it takes a work day and I don't have a work day once every three months. More of her words, "I have no decent health insurance because I am "uninsurable", and pay for mammograms and visits out of pocket. I really have to find a program for myself or I'm doomed if I were to get sick." She works hard to earn a living. She is now a single mom, has 3 children (lost a daughter who was 4 months old). Her first born son is somewhat autistic. (He is not 100% autistic nor is he 100% normal.) She has no family (they're in heaven), other than her children. And...she has an upbeat, warm, gracious, personality.

Monday, March 29, I stayed late at work searching for those postings where I had seen information relating to financial assistance. I found those postings and sent her the information. She responded today with a WOW. She was very touched and so thankful for the information.

We help each other on this site, but indirectly we also help other breast cancer woman who are not on this site.

Thank you to all who posted giving information relating to seeking financial help.

Proud to be one of you,


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    Janelle, you are an angel in
    Janelle, you are an angel in disguise. I'm so glad you joined our group and were able to help one of our sisters. Thank you!!
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    Janelle,You truly did "Pay

    You truly did "Pay It Forward!" None of us of course wanted to find ourselves here on these boards, but as you have personally come to know, you are part of such a dynamic group of (mostly) women, willing to share and help other Kindred Spirits along the way. Bless your giving heart for reaching out to a sister in need; hopefully she will also have a favorable resolution to her financial plight. And, at the risk of opening a can of worms, I was raised in Europe, my brother still lives and works there, and has dual French-American citizenship. I know first hand what "socialized medicine" is~as an employee of the country, even with foreign, guest-worker status, I had ALL of my dental work, birth control, physicals, etc cared for by The German Government. Never thought twice about it, not was I ever afraid of Big Brother! My brother was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer...had surgery and radiation, etc in France~ and is in complete remission. No out of pocket expenses.

    I'm just saying......we here in America should be so lucky, and hopefully we soon will be!

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    How beautiful Janelle!

    How beautiful Janelle!

    In Africa there is a saying which translates to ... if someone helps you in time of need you then help someone else in time of need. Then the help gets propagate around the community. Real community.

    Thanks for reminding us how much of a commmunity we are.