post treatment test by Veridex, LLC?

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Anyone familar with this post treatment test by Veridex, LLC? They are an organization providing physicians with vitro diagnostic oncology products. Veridex's products may significantly benefit patients through earlier disease detection and may enable personalized strategies to help improve patient management and outcomes.

Why you need to be monitored
Once you are diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer (MPC) and have begun therapy, it is important for the doctor to regularly assess your prognosis. By monitoring you throughout your treatment, your doctor can make more-informed decisions about your care.

Traditional methods of monitoring MPC include:

•physical exams
•Prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing
•bone scans
Another, newer method for monitoring MPC is the CellSearch® Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Test. Unlike other methods of monitoring MPC, the CTC test counts the number of cancer cells that have broken away from the tumor and are currently circulating in the blood stream. Clinical studies have shown that detection of these cells can predict disease progression and survival in patients with MPC.

A CTC test can be performed prior to beginning therapy, and then as early as 2-5 weeks after therapy initiation. In addition, CTC testing can be used at any time along the continuum of your care. This flexibility allows doctors to make informed patient care decisions earlier