Preliminary report

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the CT scan appears clear - NED- as we say here - the pulmonologist thinks the cough is my asthma and he does not see any new lesions on the CT - still awaiting final report from radiologist but things are looking good - I have had asthma forever but not with a cough this bad - and of course once you have had lung cancer anything that comes up you think must be related to that but ,not so --thank you for your support all - connie.


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    Great News
    You know the only thing we can do for ourselves is stay on top of new things going on with our bodies. If we ignore such things we would certainly be idiots. There is feeling that yes not everything that happens is cancer but if you have something new going on watch it and keep track of it and if it last longer than a month or so go see about it.
    I had gone early after a couple of months of feeling weird and finding a lump. I was exhausted not ill and of coarse was a well build athletic woman who shoed no signs of jaundice or being sick. The lump a fibrous cyst and further more I was too young at the time. I felt my life slip through my fingers and I did nothing till I couldn't work anymore and was deathly ill trying to get help. I won't be doing that again and nothing wrong with being a little alarmed and so should they be considering our histories.
    I am so glad that you too stay on top of things that will carry you along way.