May Date!

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I met with the Dr who will be doing my radio surgery today. He is going on vacation for two weeks. When he gets back he is going to do radio surgery on all of my mets. He says I only have four visible CRC tumors. 2 in the right lobe of my liver and two in my right lung. He even thinks the two in my lung might already be dead, they hardly show any activity on the PET. There is another spot in the right lung but he thinks that is not a met because of it's location, shape, and lack of inactivity. He thinks it's most likely scar tissue left from the infection. He says I'm probably going to loose part of my kidney during the procedure, but less than 20%. There are a lot of things that I need to do between now and actual treatment. There is a ton of prep work I wasn't expecting to have 10 visits before my treatments which will also be 10 visits. I have my first prep visit on monday. It's just a biphasic CT and some other mapping. Then I will have ultrasound placement of some gold markers. After that they will need to track the markers as I breathe. They will then chart the movement of my tumors as I breathe. The computer will then be able to adjust to my breathing pattern. When all the mapping and tracking is done, they will then need to calculate my exact treatment regimen. Then I will get treated. The Dr says because of my history, he doubts this will cure me. But he says he's confident he can get all visible lesions now. That will make for a good summer.

On a lighter note, the Dr kept using the phrase "target area" today. That got me thinking. Maybe we should stop calling these things tumors or lesions, and start calling them targets. I think a little name change might do some folks some good. Right now I have two measurable targets in my liver and two targets in my right lung. Let's go target shooting!


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    Good luck to you John.
    Good luck to you John. Targets sounds good to me instead of tumors. I must have missed a post of yours. Are you having RFA? Is that the same thing? I wish you the best and keep us informed. Paula
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    Good for you, John! I am
    Good for you, John! I am really happy for you. Best of luck!
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    I like that, John! Targets!
    I like that, John! Targets! Blast those suckers

    Very interesting stuff and a HUGE blessing! I'm still praying and expecting lots of good news for MANY MANY years.
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    I like that, and may you and your doc get the bulls eye!
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    I like that, and may you and your doc get the bulls eye!

    Hopefully you'll have a William Tell working for you
    Hoping for success in your new treatment....Ready,aim,fire.....steve
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    Target Practice.
    This sounds like a great procedure. I hope it works well for you.

    Be well... Rob; in Vancouver
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    That's awesome, John. Hope the doctor hits a bullseye!