Running fever and orange urine

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Hi all, I started feeling like I had a fever this evening, took my temp. and sure enough I am 100.8 the sheet I brought home from the hospital says come back to er if fever is 100.5. Also, my urine is orange(I know weird huh)I guess I will go to the er tomorrow morning if I still have the fever. Of course, I am still in pain from the drainage, it feels like someone has a knife stuck in my back, and I can't get a deep breath. In case you all did not know, I had to have fluid drained from the pleura area, 2 litres yesterday. Patti


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    you're on antibiotics aren't you?
    I think they can cause your urine to turn orange. Call your onc's office, they have someone on call 24/7 for just such situations. If nothing else, they might be able to relieve some anxiety.
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    Patti, I hope you went to
    Patti, I hope you went to the ER last night. I don't know how the fluid is drained from the pleura, but could they have nicked your bladder or liver?

    Orange urine can be caused by some meds but also by jaundice, too much bile in the kidneys and blood in the urine.

    I'm so sorry I didn't see this. I work with the youth on Wednesday nights and it's always a 3 hour night. I'll pray right now.
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    orange pee
    when my daughter was 4 she ate a whole container of orange tick tac and she peed orange pee, she still to this day says she is allergic to orange tick tacks,

    i hope your feeling better
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    I'm VERY worried about Patti
    I sent an email to check on her, too. Will let you know if I hear.

    There is no news on her FB 'Prayers for Patti' page. Please pray!!