Wow, another lump

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Well it has been 6 weeks since I first found this lump in my bicept/tricept and once again it has grown big and fast. Why is it that I feel doctors don't truly learn and are still willing to just diagnosis things off the cuff. With my history of Breast Cancer IDC HER negative and 11 out 21 positive nodes doctors would be willing to address the RISK factors instead of minimizing how I feel and the growing lump.
14 years ago almost to the day I am now sick with this 9 X 9 X 3 cm mass and my arm is now being physically effected by the tumor. After all these years they should just jump to the
testing without minimizing the need for testing cause they think it is a fat cyst. The last time I believed the DR. that said I had a fibrous cyst without any diagnostic testing and 6 months later I am being told I have stage 3 of a very aggressive form of Breast Cancer. I knew it my soul and somehow I know again...
I have to remind my son and family memebers that one cannot loose sight of the true miracle and that is I am alive and have survived for 14 years, I would be a fool if I ignored this and didn't give it everything I have something I didn't do before.
I am not some depressed, sucidal woman who needs to be sedated though that is still where they all go when I am forcing care. I am a woman who knows her body and it speaks loudly if we only listen. I now feel they are listening once again too.
Is there anyone else out there who has experienced a sarcoma on arm after breast cancer I would be interested to hear your story.

Well it appears I am back here writing so I don't have to hang onto any of it...

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