2 Months Post Da Vinci

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Wow. It has been 2 months since surgery and I ah happy to report as Sgt. O'Rourke used to say "F-Troop back to normal sir." Well as normal as I was before.....which depending on who you talk to, may not be all that normal. Sorry, I digress. Things are going well. I spent this past weekend doing yard work, which by itself is not that big a deal, but I decided to experiment, test the waters a bit and went without any pads while I was working. It went pretty well. Had some sudden urges but was able to maintain until I got in the house. I am not saying I am ready to go that route in the office yet, but it was a good sign. The ED seems to be slowly resolving itself with the help of the meds, so that is another plus. Best part about working in the yard on Saturday was treating myself to a nice cold one while cooking on the grill. Man did that beer taste great!!! Sounds like a commercial. Again, I digress. I have been able to get back to bowling full time and have not had any impact on my ability to keep the average the same. This is a good thing. My wife and I bowl together and for me it was important to get back to it, a sense of normalcy.

I hope all of you are well.

We had a TV news anchor in NY many years ago by the name of Roger Grimsby. I will close this post out with the words he used at the end of every broadcast:

"Hoping your news is good news"


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    It sounds like you have good
    It sounds like you have good news… and that makes this one of the positives of this site as I believe we all want the best to happen to the guys we read about and also to be here to support when things do not go as we want…Again, very happy for you so far in your journey…