Blood Counts post Stem Cell

Mommazoid Member Posts: 3
I would love any input from post stem cell transplant patients on how long it took for their counts to stabilize. My sister's Netrophils Absolute is still up and down at almost Day 90. The Doctors don't act overly concerned but it is really stressing her out. Anybody else have this experience?


  • ocbeach56
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    Sounds like my experience

    After my transplant my Absolute netrophils were all over the map for a while afterward. It takes time for the body to recover from such a traumatic event.

    Just continue to ask the doc about it and remind your sister to eat well and exorcise.
  • natalie14
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    Is she out of the hospital?
    Is she out of the hospital? How is she doing?
    Blessings to you and your sister,