curious about others bl levels after chemo

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Just curious about other WBC and ANC levels that have finished chemo. I have finished chemo 7 months ago and my WBC is still 2.2 and ANC 1.6... Oncologist doesnt seem overly concerned.. just says your blood counts are still really low.. Is this Normal??? are other's low also?? Just looking for some peace of mind


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    My oncologist is also unconcerned about this
    I'm almost 6 months out from chemo (4 rounds of Taxotere/Cytoxan), and my blood counts are still seesawing -- my WBC has been anywhere from 7.5 down to 1.9. My oncologist is also unconcerned about this, and keeps reassuring me that this is normal.

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    My WBC took a long time to
    My WBC took a long time to bounce back, too. I finished chemo 04/29 last year, and rads in August. MY WBC did not hit the normal range until February. My onc and PCP did not seem concerned, though, with the the continued low count.
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    The reason is . . .
    because the chemo attacks fast-growing cells. This means not only the cancer, but your bone marrow & WBC and other cells produced by the bone marrow (along with, of course, your hair follicles!). Your bone marrow is still recovering from the toxic effects of your chemo. It WILL recuperate, but it does take time, just as it takes time for your hair to grow out again.

    Think of it this way--if your hair is growing, your bone marrow is recuperating, and you'll be fine. Do healthy things for yourself to help the process along--eat well, exercise--and enjoy life!

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    For what it is worth:
    For what it is worth: Astragalus.

    For those ladies who feel so inclined (I being one) there are some herbs that can help build the immune system and Astragalus is one. It works on the deeper levels of the immune system rather than superficially like Echinacea and over time really helps to build it up and support it. It helps your body to help itself. It can be used in the form of a tincture (drops in juice or water) or as a tea.

    A word of caution about taking it during chemo and that is it can possibly interfere with Cytoxan in which it is better not to take it until chemo is completed.