solution of rediation therapy on uterus

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there was a operation on uterus cancer 8 years back. the cancer was removed from my body. later doctor give me rediation therapy. now there is infection inside my belly. first the two side of my belly was hard.but now the back and front side of my belly is infected. doctors are telling that it is not cancer but inside my belly it is so badly infected.they are telling that it is happinig for the rediation therapy. what i will do. could you suggest me any sollution.


  • lindaprocopio
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    I had some digestive issues from radiation.
    The only thing that helped my digestion to settle down was sticking to a low-residue diet of white rice, dry toast, applesauce and bananas.
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    Your belly pain
    Sometimes you get fistulas from radiation. You may need to see a surgeon and have part of the colon removed. Antibiotics will be needed for infection. I would see a surgeon or gastroenterologist as soon as possible.

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    You might want to see a colon rectal surgeon who is associated with the hospital where you had your hysterectomy. They are the ones who would do surgery if you had a hole in your intestines or lower in your colon. Don't wait as infection can spread quickly. Unless they do some diagnostic tests. Have you had a colonoscopy yet or a CT scan?